Alpha Flash: For All Your Nanosecond, Collocated, Algorithmic Frontrunning Needs

Ever feel like your nanosecond algorithmic frontrunning skills are becoming obsolete? Unable to scalp even a few extra pennies from illiterate orphans, widows and kittens armed with REDIPlus 9.0? The joy in subpennying Fido and Vanguard on their block purchases of Netflix no longer there? Finding yourself quote stuffing and crashing the market just for the existential hell of it? Despair not, for Deutsche Boerse (better known as the firm that any minute now will be outbid by the Amish market in its acquisition of NYSE according to Gasparino's latest rumor) has Alpha Flash just for you.

Introducing AlphaFlash

Deutsche Börse, Market News International (MNI) and Need to Know News (NTKN) have developed a low latency data feed that delivers market moving economic indicators and releases to our clients faster than any other service currently available.

AlphaFlash is designed for the most demanding algo traders at hedge funds, trading firms and financial institutions. MNI and Need to Know News are both fully accredited news agencies with direct access to government lock-up rooms and embargoed news.

Key benefits

  • Consistently faster and more economical than competitor products
  • Data is sent directly by our journalists from government lock-ups
  • Designed for easy direct integration into trading algorithms
  • Global co-location and other connectivity options
  • AlphaFlash uses the high speed global network  of Deutsche Börse and was designed by technology experts from the world of low latency trading.

But wait, there's more:

Need To Know News LLC has developed and tested new technology that allows us to deliver economic releases and data to clients consistently faster than any service currently available.  Since August 2007 we have officially made our service available to sophisticated hedge funds and financial institutions.

In the world of algorithmic trading, speed and accuracy are top priorities.  NTKN is a Washington, D.C. based fully accredited news agency like Dow Jones, Reuters and Bloomberg.  AlphaFlash is the way to get key U.S. domestic and international economic releases and data directly into your trading algorithm.

Unlike our competitors, NTKN is not a traditional news service burdened by an aging, inefficient infrastructure with thousands of general financial news subscribers.  AlphaFlash's infrastructure and architecture were designed by technologists from the world of electronic trading specifically for a select group of sophisticated algorithmic clients.

How it Works

Our reporters, using our custom-built applications, send the data from press rooms the very first instant it is allowed. The data flows through our dedicated network lines into our core systems and travels directly to you. We encourage customers to utilize our co location facilities and cross-connect to NTKN for the fastest possible data delivery.

And if you order now, for 5 low payments of $49,995 you will also get a one year trial access to Inside Information Inc, the one and only expert network that everyone wants to join and that does not tape or leak its client-"consultant" conversations, a decade subscription to Larry Meyer's Newsletter: "How 2+2 is 5 in Keynes' special case", as well as lifetime access to Paul Krugman's ad hominem blog attacks from behind the NYT paywall.