AMAT Starter Pistol Fires, FOMC Speaks, and Girls Go Wild

Another classic 1999 day where the "AMAT train is leaving the station" starter pistol is fired to get the SMH greyhounds running, and Bernanke utters some soothing words for the speculators to start a party.

Note how the indexes moonshot right off the open, then stay pinned while millions of anxious daytraders, forex gamers, and action junkies guzzle down more Red Bull to await the FOMC:

Meanwhile the Forex Robot traders following a 1-minute chart are getting killed as way too many automatons are slashing themselves to death trying to follow and determine "trends".

Here's another get rich quick scheme:Just wondering how many of them made it out alive after this week.  LOL...


As promised, the downtrodden Supermodels (aka Semiconductors) got Michael Splinter's Casting Call last night, and they all came out of rehab and were ready to party today.

No doubt, to celebrate the 2nd half, v-shaped recovery, kicked off by "back to school" spending: