The Amazing(ly Profitable) Intraday Risk Divergence-Compression Trade Strikes Again

Increasingly more people are starting to outwit the Fed at its own game, which appears to have run out of sufficient capital to manipulate all risk assets (troubles at Citadel?), and thus is forced to focus exclusively on the E-mini. While not pointed out explicitly today, those who were following the trade were presented with an amazing opportunity to pick several basis points when ES once again ramped away from the risk basket (AUDJPY, EURUSD, 10 year, 2s10s30s, Oil and Gold) following the more than obvious buy program attempt to triggers stops, only to slam back with a vengeance and close the gap at close. Like clockwork. The trade continues to be an ideal play for everyone who wishes to remain bull/bear agnostic, and merely trade against Brian Sack's increasingly desperate and underfunded attempts at risk manipulation.

A classic case of open and shut failed divergence:

And the more than obvious attempt to gun the market at 3:06 pm. Rejected.


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