And...It's Gone: QE2 Ends As Dealers Flip Just Auctioned Off 7 Year Back To Fed After Holding It For Under 22 Hours

Goodbye net monetization of US debt. Going forward the Fed will only roll maturing debt, as per QE Lite announced in early August, and due to the fact that it will be roughly one fifth the notional periodic impact of QE2, is not what so many erroneously classify as QE2.5 (a topic beaten to death previously). The biggest question of who will buy bonds now that Primary Dealers will be unable to roll debt to the Fed remains, judging by today's carnage in bonds, completely unanswered. And confirming that PDs always and only cared about flipping the On The Run bond, is the just concluded last POMO, which out of $4.909 billion bonds monetized, saw a vast majority, or $4.405 billion in the form of Cusip QT7: the 7 year just auctioned off yesterday! In other words, Dealers held the On The Run for less than 22 hours before flipping it back to the Fed!!! Well, those days are now over.