Angry Student Protesters Storm Tory HQ In London

Wonder why the EURUSD just dropped by over 120 pips in an hour? This may have something to do with it:


From CNN:

A group of protesters broke into the headquarters of Britain's governing Conservative party headquarters in London Wednesday and set off flares before being forced out of the building, CNN's Atika Shubert reported from the scene.

They went on to set fires outside the building, where police presence was "minimal," she said.

The violence came during a largely peaceful protest by students against government plans to allow universities to increase tuition fees. The National Union of Students said 40,000 demonstrators were on the streets.

And from the Telegraph:

A group barged into the lobby of Millbank Tower, near the headquarters of the Tory party, before being forced out by police and security officers. They then began setting fire to placards outside the entrance.

Windows in the office block were smashed and a number of smoke bombs thrown. Dozens of police surrounding the entrance were pelted with water bottles and jostled by the passing protestors.

Up to 50,000 people, many waving placards, are marching though the streets of London in the biggest show of opposition to the Coalition Government.

Fun and games starting everywhere.


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