Apple Plunges $20 At The Open, As Rumors Of COO Departure Swirl

The company that determines the market, AAPL, by accounting for 20% of Nasdaq weighing, just gave the nearly 200 hedge fund managers who own it a heart attack. While the early swoon in the stock by $15 is not (yet) attributed to some fat finger, or flash crash, the move wiped out billions in market cap. The reason, according to FOTW, is that the COO may move to HPQ (up 2% on the day), or some such narrative which seeks to explain why the world's most overvalued company may dare to have a down day. Either way, this has now solidly broken the +/- 2 std dev upchannel seen for pretty much one full month. The entire market is now down as a result of one stock being responsible for overall direction and momentum. The issue is that who knows how many HFTs are now underwater on their daily cost averaging in the name, which may potentially spark a material selloff. Watch for comparable action in the four horsemen of the tech apocalypse: AMZN, NFLX and BIDU.



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