ASSGEN Version 1.1: The Shoe Is Dropping... Slowly

A few days ago we provided a brief overview of Italian insurance company Assicurazioni Generali (whose corporate ticker appropriately is ASSGEN) and shared our view of why its CDS will shortly continue pushing far wider. To be sure, once the brief respite provided by Trichet's drunken sailor-style purchasing of sovereign bonds anywhere and everywhere ends today, we will once again see drifting in Europe (two days of about a billion in notional purchases does exactly nothing about resolving the underlying issues). Although as we noted, betting on a failure of the next batch of distressed countries, among which Italy sticks out like a sore thumb may be short sighted: after all Trichet will merely change the rules once again, the failure of such sovereign risk derivatives as re/insurance companies is far more questionable. Over the weekend, we will provide more on shy we believe ASSGEN is due for a major beatdown, and in the meantime we wanted to provide this teaser courtesy of BNP.

More shortly.