BaNZai7'S EuRo VaCaTioN






WB7: Every January, the Global Ponzi Elite ascend to Davos Switzerland to congratulate themselves on the fine job they are doing of fleecing the rest of us.

You will recall that the current Euro debacle started picking up steam precisely on the week of the the Davos meeting this past January.

This was my concurrent Blog post:



The 40th anniversary of the World Ponzinomic Forum Annual Boondoggle is a defining moment for world leaders as they meet under the theme “Doing Gods Work--Wall Street Crusade or Financial Jihad."

During five days filled with hundreds of working sessions, over 2,500 leaders from more than 90 countries representing banks, investment banks, hedge funds, ponzi managers, big business, feckless regulators and other uncivil elements of uncivilized society will work together to design new and innovative ways to fleece the masses by creating economic bubbles and exploiting economic risks.

“Global multistakeholder cooperation lies at the heart of the Forum’s mission to mine the economies of the world,” said Professor Klaus Snowjob, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Ponzinomic Forum. Speaking at a press conference at the World Ponzinomic Forum’s headquarters in Geneva, Professor Snowjob said: “We have rethought our values – we are living together in a global society with many different opportunities to get rich quickly. We have to redesign our processes – how do we deal with the challenges of klepto capitalism on a global scale. And finally, we have to support our beloved financial institutions which are so necessary for us to carry out this divine mission."

 “We have to look at the Meeting in the context of what’s happening in the world … and we see that, clearly, the present system of global ponzi finance is not offering sufficient returns to our members. So we want to look at all issues on the global agenda in a systemically risky, integrated and strategic way, and we want to address in particular the issue of financial jihad with FWMD.

This is the reason why our Annual Meeting this year is tailored around the need to rethink and redesign out methods of doing Gods work and frankly will be just 2 big 2 fail.”

Do you remember how all of the relevant suspects were insistent that none of what has already happened and what is currently happening in Europe could ever possibly happen? I sure do. 

At every turn, the same suspects repeatedly  assure us that none of this is possible...

We shall see.

Meanwhile, after studying all the charts that Tyler has been busy posting lately, I want to clarify one small item.

Anyone who continues to claim that the global financial meltdown is an exclusive product of the good ol' US of A is 100%, a certifiable douche bag on steroids.

The same nefarious crew of Internationale Ponzi Globalists that availed itself of Bernanke and Geithner's bailout largesse when AIG hit the skids, is waiting to be saved yet again in Ireland.

Meanwhile, the one called Deutsche Bank has already announced it's intention to once again pay record banksta bonuses this Christmas.

Merry Christmas (Fröhliche Weihnachten!) Europe,



Danke schoen Ireland!