Beige Book Released: "Japan Is The New Snow" In Explaining A Slowing Economy

According to the just released Beige Book, there was slower growth seen in New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago districts. Only Dallas reported acceleration. And yet the denials continue: "wage growth generally remained modest", and there was "widespread improvement reported in credit quality." We wonder where they get these imaginary data feeds from. More from the report: "Manufacturing activity continued to expand in most parts of the country, though a number of Districts noted some slowing in the pace of growth. Activity in the non-financial service sectors expanded at a steady pace, led by industries related to information technology  and business and professional services." Shockingly, the Fed admits there is food price inflation: "Elevated food and energy prices, as  well as unfavorable weather in some parts of the country, were said to be weighing on consumers’ propensity to spend." Lastly, Japan is the new snow: "Widespread supply disruptions—primarily related to the disaster in Japan—were reported to have substantially reduced the flow of new automobiles into dealers’ inventories, which in turn held down sales in some Districts. Widespread shortages of used cars were also reported to be driving up prices....Many Districts indicated that supply disruptions, primarily from Japan, have contributed to lean inventories, which have impeded auto sales somewhat....Inventory levels are mixed, with one retailer explaining inventory has been temporarily increased due to global supply concerns, such as output disruptions in Japan." And so forth. Key word count of the word: Japan - 25 times; Inflation - 1 time; Deflation - zero.

Full report:

Beige Book June


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