As Best Buy's Chairman Loses Almost Half A Billion In Two Hours, Here Are The Other Biggest Losers From Today's Mauling

With Best Buy stock now down almost 15% for the day, it is not a good day for holders of the name, starting at the very top with Chairman Richard Schulze, whose 67.5 million shares in stock are now worth $400 million less than they were about two hours ago. And of course, with holdings of 22.5 million shares, expect Black Rock's Bob Doll to make 5 surprise appearances on CNBC explaining to the infidels one last time (expect for the next "last" time) how he expects the S&P to print at 10,000 in the next 12 months. That said, it is a little surprising to find none other than Hussman in spot 34 with 1.5 million shares.