Big Media Finally On The Case Of The Amazing "Value Deflation" Inflation

Two months ago Zero Hedge first touched upon the topic of relative "value deflation" whereby prices for products are kept constant, even as the actual product provided is far less. Back then we recalled the experience of one Walmart shopper who shared the following story: "I noted with interest that the Wal-Mart I shop at had cleared the shelves of "Great Value" brand coffee in 39 oz cans for about 2 weeks. Today the new can appeared, with the following differences: 1.) Can is now 33.9 oz, down from 39 oz. Also conspicuously missing is the conversion of 2lb, 7oz therefore no comparison in pounds is easily made. 2.) Price for this smaller can is up from $9.88 to $10.48, by my rustic math an approximate 20% increase! 3.) Contents of can are no longer 'Premium Columbian' Decaffeinated. Now labeled '100% Classic Decaf'." Indeed, for people attuned to change in prices much more than to changes in amounts, this is the best, if most despicable, way to mask what is rapidly becoming an accelerating inflation problem (and with food prices now officially at their highest levels ever merely compounding the problem). Today, with the traditional two month delay, the mainstream media finally draws attention to this increasingly more troubling development.

While at just two minutes, the following ABC segment is better than nothing, and should provide a sufficient alert to the peasantry just how much less their raped and ravaged dollar goes these days, even if on a relative basis it is actually outperforming the European continent's own one-ply infinitely dilutable piece of toilet paper in the past month or so.