Biggest Market Sell Off In Months Coincides With Largest Domestic Equity Inflow In Years (Both Of Which Aren't Saying Much)

It is only fitting that the biggest equity sell off in stocks in almost 2 months should coincide with the biggest equity inflow in years (which is not saying much: it is still in a net outflow position for the year). In the week ended January 12, domestic equity funds per ICI saw an inflow of $3,765 million following last week's outflow of $4,229. Yet this still makes it the largest inflow going back to 2009. And with everything now happening in real time, with the market having an attention span measured not in milli but nano-seconds, it will be funny if, should this sell off actually persist into the close (never underestimate the NYU business school students in charge of POMO) flows imply become a tracker of the concurrent week's market move. And yes, bond fund flows in everything but Munis were positive. Non-taxables saw another whopper of an outflow, this time for a total of $2.4 billion. Perhaps it is time for the propaganda crew to give stocks a breather and get the lemmings into the doomed municipals space (where at most recent check Illinois CDS at 280 bps were trading 100 bps wider of mutinous Tunisia at 180).