Birds, Fish... And Now Crabs

First it was birds, then fish. Not it's crabs. For those with a keen eye for patterns, this apocalypse "thing" appears to be crawling along the signs of the zodiac. Next up: thousands of dead lions and soon after, virgins. Ergo New York is safe. Joking aside, the reason for this latest mass death is hypothermia. So good of BP to do its best to "adjust" the global climate. Luckily, $10 billion will be more than sufficient to recreate entire ecosystems by the time the full impact of the oil spill is uncovered. 

From the Star:

More than 40,000 Velvet swimming crabs have wound up dead on England beaches. The possible reason? Hypothermia.

The Thanet shoreline is littered with the crabs, along with dead starfish, lobsters, sponges and anemones.

The crabs benefit from warm seas, but when winter hits and snow covers the beaches, they just can’t handle the freezing temperatures, Tony Child, Thanet Coast Project manager, told the Star.

“It is a horrendous crash in the population,” he said, adding similar crab deaths happened in the same place two years and five years ago.

“During the winter . . . they come closer to the shore . . . foraging where the seaweed is,” he said.

“There are more starfish this year that have been casualties. Lobsters have been washed in a bit frozen. Seagulls are doing quite well at the moment.”

The creatures started washing up when snow blasted Europe shortly before Christmas, he said.

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