Birinyi's Website Defaced By Algerian Hackers

It is no secret that Zero Hedge holds a special place in its heart for everything, ruler most certainly inluded, Birinyi-related. Which is why we learned with substantial amusement that the site of the Hungarian and his merry chartist men has been violently defaced as of this morning by !-Bb0yH4cK3r_Dz-!, which appears to be a brand new outfit unrelated to Operation_Anon or any of the other hacker collectives now running around taking down sites with impunity. The text on the new website is: "FuCk U Admin I' Am SuPeR MaN :) I ' M , Muslim Don ' t Panik. GiFt From AlGeRiAn HaCkeR To GaZa ChIDrEn !!!"  This is probably not the way Birinyi was hoping to celebrate the S&P hitting 4,000+ by the end of the year at the current rate of market meltup.

New Birinyi website below:

h/t JP


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