BP, Others, Sued By US Government Over Gulf Of Mexico Spill

Just out - BP is being sued by the US government. The suit is originating in a New Orleans court. Update: other firms sued include Transocean, Anadarko, Moex, and BP insurer Lloyd's. From Reuters: US seeks unspecified damages under clean water act, oil pollution act. US asks judge to hold companies liable without limits. Halliburton, Cameron International not included in Obama administration complaint.

From Reuters:

The Obama administration sued BP Plc and four other companies tied to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on Wednesday, charging violations of U.S. environmental laws, in the opening salvo in what will likely be a lengthy legal battle.

The lawsuit seeks damages from BP, Transocean Ltd, Anadarko Petroleum Corp, Mitsui & Co Ltd unit MOEX and BP's insurer Lloyds of London for their roles in the worst oil spill disaster in U.S. history.

The Justice Department asked a federal judge in New Orleans overseeing the litigation related to the oil spill to hold the companies liable, except for Lloyds, for unlimited damages, beyond the $75 million cap under the U.S. Oil Pollution Act.


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