Brent In Euros Just Off All Time Highs - Is The Free Liquidity Run Almost Over?

As always happens following massive liquidity injections, there comes a time when the price of oil ends the party prematurely. And with localized Cushing issues preventing another 10% to be tacked on to the cost of gasoline for now, we once again look to Europe for the fair view of what is happening with the energy market. To our surprise we find that there is now only a 5% difference between the all time highs hit in 2008 and currently in the price of Brent expressed in euros. Yet what is of particular interest is that the liquidity induced rally may be about to fizzle: we have no experienced the same near-parabolic blow off top move that we saw at the end of the summer 2008 rally (which ended up with the market plunging over 50%), and the first QE1 which plateaued oil prices and only further hopes of more QE prevented the market from dropping. Is the same fate in store for crude if indeed the Fed is prepared to let the market find its natural clearing price without daily injections of billions.


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