California AG Goes Postal On Caruso-Cabrera

After having been invited to appear on CNBC to discuss the litigation launched against State Street for what on the surface at least appears rather damaging allegations (and, in honesty, something that does not come as a surprise to anyone on Wall Street), the California Attorney General is greeted by this intellectual pearl from the woman who alleges bloggers tend to generically fall in the "idiot" camp. Michelle - while the blogosphere can not made any counterclaims yet, it is quite nice of you to open your mouth and do it for us:

"I don't dispute that $56 million is a lot of money, I don't dispute the merits of the suit but you had a big press conference, you're coming on C....N....B....C....[the leader in propaganda worldwideTM], all this surrounding publicity over this $56 million,  what do you say to people [or one person in this case] who look at this and say this is a perfect example of the demagoguery that attorney generals [sic] use when they want to run for governor."

The hilarity that ensuses has to be seen to be believed (at 3:20 into the clip). Also, for whatever, reason the recently cancelled Dennis Kneale chimes in.