Carry Trade Fully Armed And Primed: JPY Shorts Near Recent Record Highs, As EUR, GBP And CHF All Remain At Net Short Spec

The latest COT report by the CFTC is out: no surprises - the JPY shorts came in at near record levels after four weeks of increasing net spec short exposure. If you need to know what the funding mechanism has been for everyone who does not have access to the Fed's discount window to buy stocks at negative carry, here you go. Everyone and their grandmother is now shorting yen and using the proceeds to buy, buy, buy all risky assets. And not just yen: all the major currency pairs had net a spec short balance the week ended April 20: EUR non-commercial shorts jumped by 15,960 to -71,424, also close to record levels, while the GBP and CHF were also being shorted as the stock buying rampage was in full nitrous mode. From a massive dollar carry trade late last year, we have no moved to an even massiver non-dollar carry trade as every non-developing central bank is rushing to keep ZIRP in perpetuity.