CBOT June Trading Volume Drops By 92.9% Compared To Prior Year

There has to be some mistake here: according to the just released June CBOT volume for futures and options across the 4 key product categories: interest rate, equity index, energy, and commodities, plummeted by 92.9% Year over Year for the month of June. Although apparently not really per Reuters: "Trading volume at the Chicago Board of Trade was down 92.9 percent in June 2011 at about 5.3 million contracts versus about 74 million contracts traded in June 2010, CME Group said in its monthly volume report. The year-to-date volume through June 2011 was about 442 million contracts, compared with 443 million contracts for the same period in 2010, down by 0.3 percent." Some of the more jarring observations: $25DJ index futures: 2 contracts in June 2011, Mini Dow futures: 154K versus 3.7 million, and a complete collapse in IR futures and options: 5 and 10 Year Note futs down from 24MM and 10MM respectively to... 1.9MM and 934K! We can only assume this is due to some recalendarization of trading as otherwise this implies an epic collapse in any investor participation.

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