The Charts From The FCIC Report

We will get to the text shortly (and at last check the word count for "Goldman" was well over 200 and rising). Also, cutting to the puppet chase, the FCIC said during the hearing that it has made criminal referrals (more than 0, less than 1000). Won't go into details. Wristslapping to follow.

1. Traditional and Shadow Banking Systems (gee... where have we seen this chart before; also someone please advise the FCIC they are about $10 trillion off on their shadow banking liabilities).

2. Asset-Backed securities outstanding

3. Compensation in Financial and Non-financial sectors. Compression trade? Fuck no.

4. Funding for Mortgages:

5. Subprime Mortgage Originations:

6. For those who still don't get it, here is what an RMBS is.

7. The Bubble: Bank Borrowing and Mortgage Interest Rates... Good luck with these going negative

8. US Home Prices

9. Repo Borrowing

10. A typical CDO Investment

11. Who bought Non-GSE Backed Securities

12. A standard CDO

13. A synthetic CDO

14. Mortgage Delinquencies by Loan Type

15. Wonder why companies are hording cash? Here's why: ABCP outstanding plunges

16. Bear Stearns Liquidity

17. OTC Derivatives Outstanding. That's in Trillion

18. Cost of Interbank Lending. Comapre to SHIBOR today.

19. Money Market Funds

20. Counterparty Payments

21. Underwater Mortgages