Chicago PMI Subscribers Drive Market Down After "Flash Look" At Bad Number

The market tanked after the Chicago PMI index took a big bath on the second derivative double somersault. After hitting a better than expected 50 in August, the September number was 46.1, much weaker than the expected "expansionary" 52. the PMI is a useful advance indicator on the overall ISM, which is out tomorrow, and has been responsible for much of the presumed economic pick up in the past 6 months. As John Bougearel pointed out yesterday, ISM fans may be set for a major disappointment.

As a reminder the Chicago PMI is:

An index released monthly on the last business day of the month to which it refers that indicates how vibrant regional manufacturing activity is. An index value of 50 or higher indicates increasing busi-ness activity; below that indicates decreasing activity. The index breaks out readings for production, new orders, order backlog, inventories, prices paid, employment, and supplier deliveries. The PMI is a timely look at the strength of manufacturing industry in the Chicago Federal Reserve regions, which comprise Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The new orders and orders backlog indices are useful in predicting future production activity.

And in case you were wondering why the market started tanking 3 minutes before the official release, it is because Chicago PMI subscribers get a 3 minute advance look on the number ahead of the general media. In other news, Flash Orders, Actionable IOIs and advance looks improve liquidity (and front running).