Chile Dealing With Rampant Energy Inflation By Extending Summer For Three Weeks

And for today's most radical and ingenious resolution of how a country deals with an energy crunch we go to Chile, where courtesy of Reuters, we read that the government has just decided to extend summer by three more week to avoid a spike in energy usage. "Chile will delay the end of its summer time for three weeks as the country faces an energy squeeze because of drought and high demand, the government said Wednesday. Chile relies heavily on hydroelectric power to meet energy needs in the world's top copper producer, and rain shortages force generators to rely on costly fuel-driven plants, compounding inflation risks in the country's fast-growing economy."

In other words, in addition to starting revolutions around the world, the Chairman is now forcing governments to rise up defiantly against the rotation of the earth around the sun.

What can one say but pure unadulterated brilliance.


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