China Says It Will Bail Out Insolvent European Countries

As expected, China is the new IMF. No surprise there.


All this means is that China will do everything in its power to prevent the ECB from launching an outright unsterilized monetization episode, which will double the amount of importable inflation (plunging EUR) to hit the Chinese domestic economy, and destabilize the already shaky stability, so critical for the Chinese communist party. And since the USD and the CNY are pegged, this has the added benefit of devaluaing the CNY instead even more if not against the USD, then against the CNY, which is now importing European sovereign risk and will continue to do so, until China finds itself in the same lock out as half of Europe currently.

As for the IMF popularity contest, better known as "who is thst most feminine", it has just been relegated into complete historic obscurity and irrelevance. Which is sad because Lagarde may have actually had something worthwhile to contribute. Too bad her organization was just been rendered obsolete.

More empty rhetoric from Wen, courtesy of Reuters:

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said on Sunday he had no intention of pursuing a trade surplus and that he wanted balanced, sustainable trade growth for his country.

He was speaking during a tour of MG Motor's Longbridge factory in Birmingham, central England, during a three-day trade and political mission to Britain.

"China has no intention to pursue a trade surplus. What we want is to have balanced and sustainable growth of trade," he told the BBC through an interpreter.

He also said China would lend European countries experiencing trouble borrowing, just as it announced it would do for Hungary earlier this week.

We get it: China will not pursue a trade surplus... It will just happen purely accidentally for the next decade.