China's Economic Data Leaked

Completing the trifecta of posts focusing on China, here is the (un)official leak of Chinese GDP data to Phoenix TV which is due out at 10 pm. In the past this has been roughly 100% accurate. So without further ado...

RTRS-CPI 5.3-5.4%         (BBERG est is 5.2%)                 
RTRS-PPI 7.4%             (BBERG est is 7.2%) 
RTRS-IP  14.8%            (BBERG est is 14%)           
RTRS-RETAIL SALES +17.4%  (BBERG est is 16.5%)
RTRS-FIXED ASSET +25%     (BBERG est is 24.8%)               

* GDP also appears to be coming at 9.4%

And this is the inflationary environment in which Chinese home prices are plunging and China is once again loosening...