Chinese 1- And 2-Week SHIBOR Rates Surge Over 9%, Highest Since 2007

And while the developed world wonders whether or not Greece will default (it will), the real news continues to come from the new "White Knight" and IMF replacement, China, which according to the China Securities Journal is about to see an unprecedented surge in inflation, making life for the schizophrenic PBoC (on one hand handing out liquidity, on the other reeling it back in with rate hikes), untenable. Market News reports: "The Chinese central bank will need to raise interest rates in the near future if it is to tackle inflation pressure, despite the potential hit to economic growth, the official China Securities Journal said in an unsigned, front-page editorial Thursday. The newspaper said the central bank will move in the near future because the monetary conditions that are driving inflation are still in place, while negative rates are driving money out of the banking system, and putting those funds outside of the scope of reserve requirement adjustments. "The China Securities Journal believes that the current monetary conditions driving inflation haven't been reversed (and) the central bank will raise interest rates to address this," it said. Consumer inflation in June is very likely to exceed 6% y/y following May's 5.5% rise, the newspaper warned." Just as importantly, "real interest rates [have been pushed] into negative territory and triggered a drain of funds from the traditional banking system in search of yield. The newspaper said that M1 and M2 are no longer reliable indicators of fund flows within the economy because of this drain and said "it is urgent that interest rates are raised to reverse negative rates and guide funds to return to the banking system." Which simply said means that the liquidity crisis we have been following every day for the past week is about to get far worse. Indeed, as of tonight, both 1 and 2 week SHIBORs are above 9%. The highest 1 week Shibor has ever been is just over 10% back in 2007, right after the quant crash in August of that year. We are confident this all time high will be taken out in a few days.

1 Week:

2 Week: