Chinese Economic Data Comes Out Just As Leaked

As we disclosed, the following core Chinese March data was leaked earlier:

RTRS-CPI 5.3-5.4%            (BBERG est is 5.2%)                 
RTRS-PPI 7.4%                   (BBERG est is 7.2%) 
RTRS-IP  14.8%                     (BBERG est is 14%)           
RTRS-RETAIL SALES +17.4%  (BBERG est is 16.5%)
RTRS-FIXED ASSET +25%      (BBERG est is 24.8%)               

And here is the final:

  • CPI: 5.4%
  • PPI 7.3%
  • IP 14.8%
  • RETAIL SALES +17.4%

And GDP comes in at a blistering 9.7%

The communists even leak data better than America. They also have a big inflation problem. Per the AP: "Food costs rose 11 percent in the first three months of the year over a year ago"

Obviously, none of this data relevant or even remotely representative of China's reality: these days the only job a government has, is to lie to its peasantry.