Chinese Frauds Account For 80% Of Nasdaq Permanent Trading Halts

In light of another fraud allegation against China Biotics which will likely soon join the Nasdaq trading halt page, we decided to take a quick look at the Nasdaq trading halts page. To our complete lack of surprise, Chinese fraud dominates with an iron fist: of 19 halted stocks (GFC has three classes of securities halted), 15 of the name are Chinese. Of these 15 Chinese names, none were on this list when we first warned of the imminent surge in reverse merger fraud back in November. Luckily, judging by the horrendous performance in recent Chinese IPOs, even with the criminal abdication of enforcement duty by the regulators, it appears that the gambling frenzy is over. Below we present the complete list of Nasdaq trading halts with Chinese names highlighted in red. No further commentary is necessary. And to all those who bought puts on these stocks, correctly predicting the names are nothing but mini ponzi schemes, please send your complaints to the SEC and the Nasdaq, which is more focused on raising HY debt to LBO any and every exchange still for sale, than actually monitoring what crap it floats.

Incidentally, the Zero Hedge short China basket just hit an all time low.


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