Citi "Beats" Earnings As $2 Billion In Reserve Releases Generate Half Of Pre-Tax "Income"

All you need to know about Citi's $1.09 beat of $0.96 consensus EPS: "Citigroup’s total allowance for loan losses was $34.4 billion at quarter end, or 5.4% of total loans. The $2.0 billion net release of credit reserves was 37% higher than the prior year period as credit quality continued to improve during the second quarter. More than half of the net credit reserve release was attributable to Citi Holdings. Consumer loans that were 90+ days delinquent, excluding the Special Asset Pool (SAP), fell 46% versus the prior year period to $9.9 billion, or 2.3% of consumer loans, while corporate non-accrual loans fell 56% to $4.8 billion and consumer non-accrual loans fell 39% to $8.4 billion." Translated: the "improvement" in mortgage loan standards (despite the ongoing foreclosure moratorium) is what "urged" the bank that it should provision less, and drive EPS higher. In other words of the $4.3 billion in pretax net income, almost half came from loan loss reserve releases. Since Q2 2009, loan loss reserve changes have reduced pretax income by $5.6 billion and added to pretax income by $11.2 billion. And that is what in the New Normal, is called "Income".

And another way to visualize this:

As for actual banking-related operations:

  • Equity Markets revenues dropped 24% QoQ
  • Fixed Income Markets revenues dropped 20% QoQ

Also notable- Citi says its exposure to the PIIGS is $13 billion or about 10% of its Tangible Common Equity.

The full investor presentation is below:

Earnings Presentation

Full earnings release can be found here.



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