The Collapse In EUR Spec Longs Ends As Dollar Short Covering Has A Little More To Go

As we predicted last week, the tide has turned in the futures market, where after 4 weeks of steep declines, the net EUR non-commercial specs have finally posted a pick up. And considering they are delayed by about 700 pips, after the pair has surged since May 23, expect what will likely be the biggest surge in net long EUR exposure next week. In the week ended May 31, there were 21,970 net longs, compared to 19.129 in the week prior, and 99,516 on May 3, when the EURUSD was flirting with the 1.50 mark. We expect a pick up of at least 30-40k contracts in the next week as all latecomer shorts promptly cover. Elsewhere, the short covering spree in the USD continues but not for long: look for the most recent net long exposure of 4,787 to promptly flip and go negative once again as more and more begin anticipating another Monetary Easing episode. And out east, the net JPY exposure went bearish fror the first time sine May 3, with net exposure dropping from 8,006 contracts to -1,648. The technicals at this point indicate a break of recent EURUSD resistance in the 1.50 area is very much possible.


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