Complete List Of All Chinese Reverse Merger Companies

Some time ago we created a short basket of Chinese fraudcaps based on every single Buy recommendation from disgraced brokerage firm Global Hunter Securities. So far the basket has returned about 50%. However, as Sino Forest indicates, there is much more room to go as fraud after fraud get exposed. Therefore, to make readers' lives easy in creating a new and improved Chinese short basket, below is every single Chinese company which began trading through a reverse merger on the NYSE and Nasdaq. Sooner or later, 99% of these companies will be trading at $0.00, although neither the cash strapped Nasdaq, nor the irrelevant NYSE will ever refund listing fees to the soon to be defunct companies. In the meantime, creating a short basked from all of these names is easily a good repeat of a slow bleed trade.

Full list of every single reverse merger still trading:


AgFeed Industries FEED Nasdaq
American Lorain ALN NYSE Amex
Aoxing Pharmaceutical AXN NYSE Amex
A-Power Energy Generation Systems APWR Nasdaq
AutoChina International AUTC Nasdaq
China Armco Metals CNAM NYSE Amex
China Auto Logistics CALI Nasdaq
China Automotive Systems CAAS Nasdaq
China BAK Battery CBAK Nasdaq
China Biologic Products CBPO Nasdaq
China Botanic Pharmaceutical CBP NYSE Amex
China Cablecom Holdings CABL Nasdaq
China Ceramics CCCL Nasdaq
China Fire & Security Group CFSG Nasdaq
China GengSheng Minerals CHGS NYSE Amex
China HGS Real Estate HGSH Nasdaq
China Housing & Land Development CHLN Nasdaq
China Information Technology CNIT Nasdaq
China Infrastructure Investment CIIC Nasdaq
China Jo-Jo Drugstores CJJD Nasdaq
China Marine Food Group CMFO NYSE Amex
China Natural Gas CHNG Nasdaq
China North East Petroleum Holdings NEP NYSE Amex
China Nutrifruit Group CNGL NYSE Amex
China Pharma Holdings CPHI NYSE Amex
China Recycling Energy CREG Nasdaq
China Ritar Power CRTP Nasdaq
China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources SHZ NYSE Amex
China Shengda Packaging Group CPGI Nasdaq
China Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Holdings KUN NYSE Amex
China Sky One Medical CSKI Nasdaq
China TransInfo Technology CTFO Nasdaq
China Valves Technology CVVT Nasdaq
China XD Plastics CXDC Nasdaq
China Yida Holdings CNYD Nasdaq
China-Biotics CHBT Nasdaq
ChinaCast Education CAST Nasdaq
ChinaNet Online Holdings CNET Nasdaq
Cleantech Solutions International CLNT Nasdaq
Cogo Group COGO Nasdaq
Deer Consumer Products DEER Nasdaq
Ever-Glory International Group EVK NYSE Amex
Feihe International ADY NYSE
General Steel Holdings GSI NYSE
Guanwei Recycling GPRC Nasdaq
Gulf Resources GFRE Nasdaq
Harbin Electric HRBN Nasdaq
Highpower International HPJ Nasdaq
Hollysys Automation Technologies HOLI Nasdaq
Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals JGBO Nasdaq
Jingwei International JNGW Nasdaq
Kandi Technologies KNDI Nasdaq
Keyuan Petrochemicals KEYP Nasdaq
Kingold Jewelry KGJI Nasdaq
Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding LPH NYSE Amex
New Energy Systems Group NEWN NYSE Amex
NF Energy Saving NFEC Nasdaq
NIVS IntelliMedia Technology Group NIV NYSE Amex
Orient Paper ONP NYSE Amex
Origin Agritech SEED Nasdaq
Orsus Xelent Technologies ORS NYSE Amex
Puda Coal PUDA NYSE Amex
QKL Stores QKLS Nasdaq
Shengkai Innovations VALV Nasdaq
Shiner International BEST Nasdaq
Sinohub SIHI NYSE Amex
Sinovac Biotech SVA Nasdaq
SkyPeople Fruit Juice SPU Nasdaq
Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical SKBI Nasdaq
SmartHeat HEAT Nasdaq
SORL Auto Parts SORL Nasdaq
Sutor Technology Group SUTR Nasdaq
Telestone Technologies TSTC Nasdaq
THT Heat Transfer Technology THTI Nasdaq
Tianyin Pharmaceutical TPI NYSE Amex
Tiens Biotech Group TBV NYSE Amex
Winner Medical Group WWIN Nasdaq
Wonder Auto Technology WATG Nasdaq
Wuhan General Group China WUHN Nasdaq
Yongye International YONG Nasdaq
Yucheng Technologies YTEC Nasdaq
Yuhe International YUII Nasdaq
Zhongpin HOGS Nasdaq
Zoom Technologies ZOOM Nasdaq


Source: Bloomberg


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