Complete NFP Market Reaction Cheat Sheet

All you need to know about how the market reacts to Non-Farm Payroll day in one convenient cheat sheet. Despite a gross cumulative surprise of 3,480,000 (jobs below expectations), and an average surprise of -27,000, coupled with a negative bias (0.53% negative surprise, 0.33% positive surprise), the market tends to have a bullish average return on payroll days of 0.14% (0.07% median) compared to 0.03% average on all other days. In other words, even if there is a miss tomorrow, which is highly unlikely, expect the market to "internalize" the news and come up with some completely idiotic explanation which excuses yet another stock ramp, which will only be avoided if nuclear war breaks out (and even then it is a toss up).

h/t John Lohman


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