Complete Notes From Ira Sohn West Conference

Missed the first Ira Sohn west conference? Here is your chance to catch the complete notes via BTIG's Mike O'Rourke. Presenters included John Burbank of Passport, Barry Rosenstein of Jana, Brian Zied of Charter Bridge Capital, Mitch Julis of Canyon, Jeffrey Ubben of ValueAct, Robert Rosner of Buena Vista Fund, John Taylor of the John Taylor Rule, Chris Chabris, and Richard Farber of Kayne Anderson. Ideas discussed include the future of the world, Dutch company TNT, Charles River Labs, Sirius XM, Valiant Pharma, Taiwan Semi, the Libor-OIS spread, Natty and Patriot Coal. So for all those who still hold on to the illusion that alpha is possible in this market, read on.



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