Consumer Confidence Prints 50.2, Beats Expectations Of 49.9, Compared to 48.5 Previously

And Richmond Fed beats too, coming at +5, on expectations of 1... QE2 not looking so hot all of a sudden.

More on Consumer Confidence:

  • Jobs Plentiful: 3.5 vs. Prev. 3.8
  • Jobs Hard to Get: 46.1 vs. Prev. 46.1
  • Inflation: 5% vs. (Prev. 4.9%, Rev. to 5.0%)

In the meantime, Richmond Fed beats expectations, after various current conditions come at totally unbelievable levels. Of course, just like in September repeated misses by regional Fed diffusion indices resulted in a spike in the ISM, this month it is quite likely that the outperforming regional Feds will result in a sub-50 ISM .



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