Court Removes Rahm Emanuel From Chicago Mayoral Ballot

Some very bad news for the former Obama head henchman:according to NBC Chicago, the mayoral candidate has just been bounced from the mayoral ballot after an appellate court has overturned a previous decision to allow Emanuel on the mayoral ballot. One can only imagine the firestorm of profanity that has erupted upon Rahm's learning of the news...

From NBC Chicago:

Rahm Emanuel's residency fight just took a turn for the worse.

The Illinois Appellate Court ruled 2-1 to overturn a Chicago Board of Elections decision to allow Rahm Emanuel on the mayoral ballot.

Rahm's Attorney Kevin Forde says "its a surprise."

The candidate's residency has been questioned since he announced his intention to leave the White House and pursue public office in Chicago.

Opponents say Emanuel gave up his residency when he moved his family to Washington D.C. to serve as the White House Chief of Staff. During his abscence he rented his home to Rod Halpin.

Emanuel endured a lengthy questioning by citizen objectors in December after which the Chicago Board of Elections said Emanuel belonged on the ballot.

One of the most ardent objectors, Paul McKinley, today said better luck next time.

"It's about the law nothing personal," McKinley said. "Rahm- he can run in four years."

Lead opposition attorney Burt Odelson then filed a motion in Cook County Circuit court, which upheld the Board of Election decision to allow him on the ballot.

Odelson said he was "pretty damn happy," and that since the ballots have not been printed Emanuel's name will not be on it.  

Mike Kasper, Emanuel's atty says he will appeal to Supreme Court as soon as tomorrow.

Full ruling


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