David Rosenberg Has Gone Bullish... Or Has He?

It has been a while since the non-paid media saw much from Rosie, who recently decided to go premium. It is ironic then that one of his most controversial pieces came out while he was behind a paywall, namely that he has gone bullish. Today, he takes the time to explain his real position, and share the report that started it all.

Dear Breakfast with Dave readers:

Over the past few weeks I have received emails and phone calls from clients and the media asking whether I have changed my economic and financial market view, and capitulated on my outlook. The catalyst for these requests stems from online posts from April that suggested I’ve “gone bullish.”

At Gluskin Sheff, we make a point of never reacting to the short-term – whether in financial markets or with respect to interpretation of our research. Without responding to the merits of the particular headline or piece in question, I want to share with everyone my research published late last month that clarified my economic and financial market outlook, as well as the firm’s long-term positioning.

As always, please feel free to reach out to myself or anyone on our team if you have any thoughts or questions or would like additional information about Gluskin Sheff.

Best regards,

David Rosenberg


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