David Tepper Coming Back To CNBC, To Update Status Of Proximity Between Balls And Wall

A few months after David Tepper told everyone that "everything" is going up as a result of the second round of monetary insanity (with the resulting surge in stocks affording him good exit points to dump 20% of his financial investments), the Appaloosa stallion is coming back this Friday, presumably for much more of the same, which likely means he has decided to offload his complete fin holding. As a reminder, as we disclosed in November, Tepper "sold 18% of his BofA holdings (his largest holding both at June 30 and September 30), 11% of Citi, 19% of Wells Fargo, 19% of Fifth Third, 19% of Capital One, 75% of his then $157 million Hartford Financial position, and lighten up on pretty much all of his other financial positions." That said, we still have to see his holdings for Q4, which will be available by February 15, when we are certain to find much more asset dispositions. The balance of his holdings will likely be liquidated following this most recent appearance.

From StreetInsider:

David Tepper of hedge fund  Appaloosa Management, who triggered a market rally with his comments on CNBC in September 2010 to "buy everything" ahead of QE2 from the Fed, is making an encore appearance on the network this Friday.

His last appearance on the network will go down in Wall Street folklore as the clearest, most concise, and most profitable trade idea ever given out on the network.

In the September CNBC interview, Tepper explained to the thousands watching in simple terms the Fed wants economic growth, and doesn't care about inflation. He said the trade is easy... "Buy."

So, what does the oracle have in store for us this time? Expect much of the same from Tepper, with a likely focus on buying stocks. Tepper's recent trade in Dean Foods (NYSE: DF) suggests he might be looking at value names that could perform well with inflation.

With the market suddenly appearing toppy: read no more endless meltup on good, bad and no news, we were wondering how long before they dragged David back on the show.

And as a reminder below is a recreation of Tepper's position changes as of hus most recently issued 13F. Make your own conclusions.