Deutsche Bank Suspends New Issuance Of Double Long Agricultural ETF DAG

This one caught us by surprise. Today, Deutsche Bank announced it was suspending new issuance in the PowerShares Agriculture Double Long ETF, the DAG. What is odd, is that unlike last week's announcement by Barclays that it would start unwinding its triple inverse S&P ETF (BXDD), which has logically been plunging as the market levitates ever higher on ever lower volume, the DAG has done exactly the opposite. In fact, as the chart below shows, the DAG is trading close to its 52 week high, having tripled from the 52 week low in July (yet still $12 away from its all time high reached in 2008). Therefore, this is not a performance issue, which needs a reverse stock split to be resolved, and likely indicates some deeper issues with creation of shares in what is rapidly becoming the hottest asset space.

We will bring you more information on the cause of this unwind should we encounter it.



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