DSK Has Arrived In Court For His Bail Hearing

And while DSK is no longer relevant in any global financial or economic sense, his personal tragedy (from likely future president to prison inmate) will haunt the media for a while. Therefore headlines such as this will likely be commonplace for at least a week or two, until the world moves on to the next major financial scandal (and how fitting is it that the biggest conviction of a financier to date is of a foreigner for a crime totally unrelated to any financial or economic actions over the past decade). According to Reuters, DSK has just arrived in court where his lawyers are asking that he be released on $1 million cash bail and placed under 24-hour home detention with electronic monitoring, court papers showed. A bail hearing is due to be held later on Thursday. "Strauss-Kahn's lawyers have denied the charges of a criminal sexual act, attempted rape, sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment and forcible touching. He was denied bail on Monday. He faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted." Elsewhere, screenplay writers are furious scribbling across the nation, keeping the Starbucks topline well funded, in hopes of getting the royalty rights for the next big Hollywood blockbuster to be titled, appropriately enough: "DSK."


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