ECB Deposit Facility Usage Hits Fresh Record At €362 Billion As Liquidity In Europe Worse Than Ever

Europe's banks are not buying the propaganda about liquidity moderation on the continent. In fact quite the contrary: yesterday's total usage of the ECB's overnight deposit facility hit a fresh all time record of €361.7 billion. This is an €11 billion increase from the night before and €55 billion from a week earlier. This means that all the excess liquidity in Europe is getting tied into the safety of the central bank, and the market continues to experience a liquidity glut. It also explains why both 3 and 6 month Euribors crept higher today, to 0.713% and 0.999%, just wider compared to yesterday's fixings. Ignore all the populist rhetoric: the liquidity in Europe is getting worse with each passing day, as the banks' own actions confirm.