ECB Monetization Of Toxic Sovereign Sludge Surges 20-Fold In Past Week

And meanwhile the charade in Europe continues, after the ECB purchases a whopping €2,313 million in the week ended January 17, bringing total purchases under the SMP program (a/k/a toxic crap monetization) to €76.5 billion. This is roughly 20 times higher than the pathetic €113 million monetized in the week before, when deluded holders of PIIGS debt were not selling hand over fist on the inane assumption that Europe will actually survive the imminent implosion. Last week's total purchases were the second highest weekly amount since July 2010, only topped by the €2,667 million purchased in the week ending December 13 when Ireland went tits up, and peacefully and very gracefully presented the key to its sovereignty to ubercrat Olli Rehn.


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