ECB's Jurgen Stark: "The Casino Is Still Open"

  • *DJ ECB's Stark: "The Casino Is Still Open" - this comes from one of Europe's top central bankers!
  • *DJ ECB's Stark: "No Sign Of Necessary Change In Banker Mentality" - that's becasue we are aiding and abetting
  • *DJ ECB's Stark: "Inflation in emerging markets is a serious problem" - Bernanke has it 100% under control
  • *DJ ECB's Stark: "increase in Euro region inflation due to energy prices"
  • *DJ ECB's Stark: "ECB's inflation assessment has not changed in mid term" - But naturally
  • *DJ ECB's Stark: "Is very vigilant on possible inflation risks" - so was Tunisian president Ben Ali
  • *DJ ECB's Stark: "Global economy and Euro region recovered faster than thought"
  • *DJ ECB's Stark: "US, UK Deficits Worse Than Euro Zone's" - Don't tell Tiny Timmah
  • *DJ ECB's Stark: "Greece, Ireland Need U-Turn In Economic Policy"

h/t London Dude Trader


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