Egypt Government Warns Of "Counter-Revolution" As Military Regime Retrenches Power

It is not like we don't have enough revolutions to worry about, now we have to be concerned about that good old staple: the Thermidorian reaction, made so popular during the first real revolution, and now about to be repeated in Egypt. According to Agence France Presse, Egypt's new government warned Wednesday of a "counter-revolution," the official MENA agency reported, following clashes in several parts of the capital widely blamed on diehards of the former regime.  Those expecting press releases of the "Egypt is not Egypt" variety will not be disappointed: it was only on February 24 that Reuters reported that "Egypt's new military rulers assured the nation on Thursday they would guard against what protesters have called a counter-revolution by associates of Hosni Mubarak, deposed nearly two weeks ago in an 18-day uprising. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said it noted the use of political expressions such as "the counter revolution" and denounced what it said were "attempts to create strife", saying it was taking all steps to meet the people's demands."  It is oddly ironic then that it is the very Supreme Council using threats of taboo "counter-revolution" suppression to get the people to finally understand that they deposed one dictator and replaced him with another.

From Dow Jones:

The government stressed that it "is fully committed to the interests of the people and to implementing the goals of the revolution; and it will stand firm against plans for a counter- revolution."

Of course by the time a government which attained power in a violent military coup stresses the futility of a counter revolution, it is too late. Look for concerns about Suez blockage to hit the Mainstream Media some time in late March.