Egypt Interior Ministry Building Burning (Again)

It seems Egyptians are so enamored with revolting they have decided to do the whole thing all over again. And this just one month after the first peaceful revolution in MENA claimed the 30 year rule of Hosni Mubarak, and everyone thought Gaddafi would step down just as quietly and peacefully. Well, while Gaddafi appears rather set on staying, and protecting his 144 tons of gold, the Egyptians have decided to burn the place down once again.In the meantime we keep awaiting the Bank of Egypt's official updated recount of its gold stash which, admittedly, was half of Libya's.

From CNN:

The Egyptian Interior Ministry was on fire Tuesday in downtown Cairo following a protest earlier in the day.

Flames could be seen on the roof of the multi-story building, and a dark plume of smoke loomed over the city. People could be seen fleeing the building as it burned.

The ministry was the site of a peaceful protest Tuesday morning and afternoon, with thousands of ministry employees  - many of them police officers - making demands, mainly for higher wages. But protesters at the building denied setting the fire, saying it originated inside.

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