Egypt Riots Update: First Casualties Reported As Police Use Live Ammo Against Protesters

Update: Alshaheed reports that Egyptian police in Suez has opened fire live ammunition killing Mustafa Reda Mahmoud Abdelfattah, 20 years old

The last time a scene like this happened in Greece, Waddell and Reed sold some futures. This time around, nobody even cares. In the meantime, riot police has now escalated to firing tear gas at protesters, as the riots have metastasized to Alexandria, the Nile Delta, and the cities of Mansura, Tanta, Aswan and Assiut (not without Hillary Clinton voicing her opinion, who has called the Egyptian government stable). But the most notable update is that according to reports, Jamal Mubarak has left Cairo to London while Husni Mubarak is fending off tiger sharks at the Sharm el Shekh. Unclear how much Egyptian gold either may have absconded with.

h/t Scartaliano