Erin Callan Out Of Credit Suisse - Charlie Breaks Another One, CNBC Likely Fuming

From Fox Business News and its latest addition, Charlie Gasparino:

“What we hear is, as you know, she’s one of the central figures in the financial crisis, was at Lehman when it was imploding, left for Credit Suisse… she is now out of the securities business as of December 31st she has resigned.  The speculation is wide, and from what we understand, it’s these investigations.  She’s one of the central figures in a federal investigation into the collapse of Lehman.”

“She went to Credit Suisse and then she went on a lengthy leave of absence.  It was pretty bizarre—she was gone from the scene, until, from what I understand—I checked yesterday—December 31st she’s officially out of there.”

Note: not a single mention of this on CNBC yet. Of course, nobody gives a rat's ass about Lehman's former CFO, or this news in particular. What is interesting, are the dynamics at play now that CNBCOMASTAGANDA (49/51) is stuck without even one investigative reporter in possession of even half a rolodex. Sure, flashing wire headlines are great, but anybody can do that, even fringe bloggers. Absent Rick Santelli (and on occasion David Faber), the network does not have a single person worth unmuting the TV for. And if we want to listen to propaganda ad nauseam we are sure someone will recreate Goebbels constant radio droning on some 24/7 stream relatively soon. And this is precisely what Bloomberg TV and Fox Business are waiting to pounce on.


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