EUR Shorts Plunge, As CHF Goes Net Long For Only Fourth Time In 2010, JPY At Most Bullish

The CFTC reports that in the week ended July 13, speculative EUR net positions dropped once again, this time to -27k, the lowest since mid-January, and the fastest plunge every recorded since the all time biggest net short position recorded in May. In other non-EUR pairs, net spec positions in the Yen spiked to a 2010 high at 47k, while the CHF posted its first net bullish spec exposure since January at 15k. Lastly, the decline in GBP bearishness continues dropping to the lowest since January at 35k positions. Obviously, the speculators are aggressively betting against the dollar and in favor of other crosses. Then again, with even Goldman joining the EURUSD bull crowd, we are now fairly certain the bullish trade is heavy.


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