Euro Libor Jumps To One Year High, As Euribor Hits Fresh 2010 High

The most important story nobody talks about continues developing, with both Euro Libor and Euribor (3 Month) jumping to year highs. The much more popular funding rate, Euribor, just hit 0.905%, compared to 0.904% yesterday as tightness across the banking sector continues, on expectations that the ECB may cease providing constant backstops to everyone (1 week Euribor was 0.569%, 1 month: 0.649%). With the European policy rate at 1.0% the collapsing bank lending market may soon pressure banks to go exclusively to the ECB for overnight lending, in addition to all their other funding needs. And to think all this was supposed to be avoided with "successful" completion of the stess farce... And while Euribor has been on a non-stop tear higher, EUR Libor had recently dropped marginally. Well, no more. Market News reports, "The euro 3-month LIBOR rate was up 0.369 basis points on the day to stand at 0.8348%, edging nearer to the official 1% policy rate and at its highest level for almost a year. At the monthly press conference Thursday, European Central Bank head Jean Claude Trichet talked about normalisation of EONIA rates, and raised no concern about euro market rates moving higher. The euro LIBOR/OIS 3-month spread was almost 0.37 basis points wider on the day."