Euro Surges In Wake Of Goldman EURUSD Downgrade, Prop Buying

Yesterday, we wrote: "Full blown capitulation from the Goldman FX (strategic not tactical) team: the firm goes from a $1.35 target on EURUSD to $1.15. Score one more golden star for Goldman-Client relations. On the other hand, Thomas Stolper is officially advising clients to sell their euros to Goldman. There is no clearer signal to buy the beaten down currency." This was at a EURUSD of 1.1950. Sure enough, just over 12 hours later, the EURUSD hit 1.2133 (and dragging the little computerized gimmick known as the stock market with it). Goldman's "prognostication" track record is starting to challenge that of the head seer Bernanke himself. At least doing the opposite of what Goldman advises its clients continues to yield a 100% win percentage.