Europe Delays Second Bank Stress Test Due To "Unrealistic Assumptions" And "Errors"

Remember when the European Stress Test round 2 was supposed to be "credible" and restore "confidence", this time for realz? Well, as Reuters reports, "A second round of data gathering is needed for the European Union's health check of banks because of "errors" and "unrealistic assumptions", the European Banking Authority said on Wednesday. Arising from the peer review and quality assurance process, the EBA is currently assessing and challenging the first round of results from individual banks," the EBA said. "This will mean that another round of data will be required from banks. Errors will have to be rectified and amendments made where there are inconsistencies or unrealistic assumptions."  Data from the second round won't be received until mid to late June -- the time when the EBA had indicated it would publish the results of the test. What else could one expect from a continent which is run by a bureaucrat who has openly admitted he lies to prevent a crash in the EURUSD.  Plus really: who gives a flying fornication? At this point nobody, and we mean nobody, believes that any bank in Europe is even remotely not bankrupt. It is time for the kleptocrats to actually save the taxpayers some money and just pull the whole farce.


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