Europe: Stereotypically Uncut

Everyone knows what Europe looks like on an actual political map: there are two or three countries in the center that are stable, and about 10 in the periphery that will be bankrupt very soon. The generic map is so boring we won't even show it. Luckily, courtesy of visual artist Yanko Tsvetkov, we have some European maps that are sure to enliven any cocktail hour. Note for the sensitive: these are not what one would call politically correct.

And yes, the level of homogeneity that makes up the "Union" is truly staggering.

General European stereotypes:


Europe according to America


Europe according to France


Europe according to Germany


Europe according to Italy

Italy According to Posh Italians

Europe according to Britan

Europe According to Bulgaria

Europe According to Gay Men


Via Mapping Stereotypes

h/t Konrad